Nightly Events

WEDNESDAY through SUNDAY nights, the University Avenue Project’s central landmark site at 1433 University will feature a two-hour projection show accompanied by recorded soundtrack from local musicians.

A spectacular Project(tion) site creates a central landmark at 1433 University Avenue. Here Wing’s images will be projected onto billboard-size screens and accompanied by soundtracks from local musicians.  The show will begin at twilight and will run for 2 hours.

Conceived by Steve Dietz of Northern and designed by Meyer, Scherer and Rockcastle, Ltd. (MS&R), the site is built from cargo containers.  2 large towers along the edge of University provide for projection of images that will be visible for a mile in each direction.  Entering the site, visitors can view the nightly show that will be projected on a 40 foot screen.

*Please note that the projcetion site will be CLOSED on MONDAYS and TUESDAYS.

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