Six Mile Classroom

“This is not only a six mile public art exhibition, this is a six mile classroom that explores the changing cultural landscape of urban life in Saint Paul.”

– Wing Young Huie

The University Avenue Project blends Wing Young Huie’s documentary sensibilities with revelatory “chalkboard” statements. Imbedded in this tapestry of words and images are a host of issues such as race, gender, sexual preference, immigration, religion, and social disconnection.

Wing poses questions that are being used by teachers K-college in a variety of educational settings.


Who are you?

What advice would you give a stranger?

How do you think others see you?

What don’t others see?

How has race affected you?


“Using Wing’s work as a guide resulted in the most unforgettable project of my teaching career.  The stories the kids told and the critiques they made truly displayed a high level of thinking and interest.  It opened the mind’s eye.  Students began to see the world differently, seeing these ‘perfect shots’ of everyday life.”

Middle School Teacher

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